R.J. de l’Orme
Professional Painter


The Haarlem, the Netherlands, born artist has been fascinated with creativity from a very young age. At 24, he joined the Art Academy. After some months RJ discovered that working on his feeling and guts was way more powerful then the tricks of the trade taught him by the Academy.

This feeling can show itself at anytime, even in the middle of the night, which makes for long nighttime sessions in his studio.
His style is not easy to define. Abstract, figurative or realistic? All of these come together in the explosive expression of his mind and soul unto the canvas, board, or whatever material he touches.

While some of his works find their roots in popular culture, De l’Orme doesn’t give a second thought on showing society what’s wrong with it trough powerful statement pieces. Since 2014 he can even include portrait-art in his portfolio, designing album-art for bands and clothes for everyone who wants to share in his imagination. At the moment De l’Orme is developing new techniques that will bring his art to even higher levels.

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